Singorama – Essential Guide To Singing

The Singorama route to getting Musical Breaks

So you’ve seen the show, now sing the songs!  Well wouldn’t that be great. One easy step from auditorium to stage! It would save all those theatre tickets and theatre breaks if you could be in the shows yourself wouldn’t it?

Of course then your frends and family would have to come to the theatre to see you!!

So is it possible? Singorama doesn’t claim to give you the parts but it does claim to add an octave onto your singing range – that sounds a bit dubious, but it is a great money back guarantee… so what is it all about?

Singorama is an online course which, if you are willing to put in the work, will focus that work on improving your singing.

It won’t force you to do the work but if you are willing it is able! And that is so useful.  It is really easy to wreck your voice with over work, or at the very least not do it any good: and then how many hours have you wasted?

So, what is it all about?

If you would like to improve your singing voice, make a signature track your whole own, increase your vocal range, hit each note with more confidence, more precision AND be told each nitty-gritty detail about auditions, singing in a band, harmonizing and more, then read on!

Even if you love singing there is probably a ton of stuff that you don’t know about your own singing voice, what it is capable of and what you can do to improve it.

Whichever level you are now at (newbie, intermediate or advanced) this will apply to you. And even if you are already on the way to improving your voice: expanding vocal range, singing in unity, singing in tune(!) and so forth, you might be in for a nice surprise as to how quickly you can see further improvement!

Of course this is not the only online singing product out there. So these claims are not unique: you’ve just got to find the right solution for you – and if that is Singarama – then great!

Make sure you treat your voice like any muscle in your body: don’t over work it, do warm up and warm down and do be realistic with what you want to achieve: your voice won’t thank you if  you thrash it!

Still Singarama will help you get the best performance from your complete vocal range! In their interactive audio direction, you’ll be able to get to practice together with their singers as they help you to a vastly increased vocal range!

They will help you discover the most important factor to enable your voice to function at its very best; essential in building your vocal range!

Other techniques will include how to carry a microphone, choreograph movements on a stage, even how to overcome stage-fright! – do not simply SING like a professional, appear to be one!

Beef up your voice and vocal control.

Singorama provides you with vocal routines to enhance range, energy, tone and vibrato. Singing in Unison will also be dealt with – very important if that role in Les Miesrables is ever going to come your way!

Singing with authentic tracks!

Then you can practice singing along to authentic tracks written and documented by Singorama. They even give you  step-by-step easy methods to craft your own individual unique sound whilst showing you how to break down a track into its vocal elements.

You can immediately try this out with S-O-R’s  Mini Recording Studio software, which is part of the package deal. This comes with a variety of gear, including a digital piano for you to practice scales and tracks with – and staying in tune!!

Just like a child learning to read will start off with simple books and progress to more complicated ones, the Singorama course starts off with simpler songs and then  increases the difficulty as you move throughout the course.

Individual lesson deal with tone, breathing, posture, stage fright, head and chest voice, microphone technique and many more. Here are a couple of examples of the individual lessons on the 28-Lesson Course.

Breathing and Posture

Your breathing impacts greatly on your vocal tone pitch, which is why these lessons come early in the course.

You’re going to be told some extremely simple and effective tecniques to boost your voice and give it more flexibility

• a comprehensive guide for proper breath control and posture,
• learn how your whole body can effect your breathing
• Discover who you can make small changes in how you stand and breath to benefit from huge improvements in your voice
• learn how to “ground” your self to creater a fuller sound.


Now we are transferring directly to the nitty-gritty of vocal technique. during this section of the course, you’re going to be told each factor you want to learn about tone, pitch, and your chest and head voices. Simple but oh so important: these courses will give you the very best foundation for generating a professional sounding voice.

Chest voice and head voice

This lesson is about your two voices: your chest voice and your head voice. The general function for this lesson is to demonstrate the difference between these “voices” and work on how to combine them into one voice: your voice, blending them across your entire (soon to be extended!) vocal range.

Lesson 28 is the ultimate review: a comprehensive evaluation.

By the time you reach this lesson and if you have spent time to take this course seriously – and mastered the various vocal routines  along the way, you’re going to be a more complete singer AND performer with a greater vocal range, with a more accurate and well-rounded voice and you are going to be a more flexible singer: able to tackle a wide range of musical genres – even the modern musical.

So look out Summer and Scarlet Strallen – here come the next generation of Musical Stars! And your friends better book that London Theatre break before all the tickets sell out!

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