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Musical Breaks – to sing or see London Musicals

I was first inspired to sing by Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar. Before that I had been pretty much inspired not to sing!

But despite my best efforts and a few roles in amateur musical theatre my enjoyment of the musical has been from the orchestra stalls!

I took lessons from a guy called Malcolm Singer. Nowadays you can take virtual lessons on line via Singorama and the like, but whichever you chose to do you need to be able dedicate a lot of personal time to your trade, your “art”, which is something I was never able to do – a problem I share with a lot of  bath-time tenors!

So for me it was Jesus Christ Superstar – but what is out there for inspiration for the new batch of Wannabees?  Well oddly enough it is Jesus Christ Superstar again. Sir Andrew is now using his old show as the subject of a new version of his TV Audition show series. I don’t know whether it will have the wow factor that it had 30 years ago, so maybe we need to look to some of the more up to date shows for a bit of inspiration.

Young girls are typically the most susceptible to a little star dust.  Mummy’s little ballerina turns into a Summer Strallen wannabe all to easily! So what are the shows out there for the girls? If you want to inspire your daughter what show do you want to include on her Christmas present list or Family theatre breaks outing?

Musical Breaks for Girls

Well most recently the RSC’s Matilda has hit the stage. This is the tale of the little girl who knew that life wasn’t fair but had the ability to make is fair!  In addition to the young actresses playing Matilda the children of the cast are mind-blowingly brilliant!  When you come to the interval and you are heading to the ice-cream seller and you ask little Grace or Daisy what they want the chances are that their minds will not be on the ice-cream “I want to be Matilda” they will reply!

For the next age group there is no doubt that what The Wizard of Oz failed to do Wicked has succeeded with bells on!  With its oh so pertinent themes of “other” and “difference” resonating with what your young teenagers are going through and add to that stunning music, two friends and a ******** ending (I wont give away whether it is happy or not), you can’t fail to reach the inner core of someone who is just starting to retreat into monosyllables.

Then there is Mamma Mia – a child just turning into a woman. Love, a wedding, a greek isle, boys, and ABBA songs. Onother sure fire hit for the young female adult (and a few older ones too I should say!

Musical Breaks for Boys

So then what about the boys? Les Miserables will appeal to both girls and boys but it is long and if they are wavering it could put them off!

Billy Elliot is the one that will get their blood pumping if there is an ounce of “I want that” in them. The story again is great and the performance by all the lads is superb.

Blood Brothers is great – especially for the actor/singer as it really does border on being a play with songs rather than a musical, so demanding is the acting and so well told the story.

Spring Awakening would have been good – but that has closed!

Oddly, they might like “Singin’ in the Rain” especially if they show signs of being a bit of a showman – it had me reaching for my tap shoes again even though I am well past it.

So that’s it.  Whether your musical break is having the voice of an angel, getting tickets and a hotel room or being cousin to Bonnie Langford, I hope it starts here.

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