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MousetrapMusical Breaks are proud to be able to offer packages including Mousetrap, hotel accommodation in central London with optional rail travel.

Mousetrap is on at the on in London’s famous West End and you can book theatre breaks from only £100.5 per person.

What’s Mousetrap About

Enjoy a Moustrap theatre break and witness the classic Agatha Christies play that has kept audiences guessing for years. As it enters its 62nd incredible year, this record breaking production continues to attract audiences and with well over 23,000 performances it is one of the greatest whodunits by one of the greatest crime writers of all time. Guests on a Mousetrap theatre break will experience incredibly long-standing show which is famous for its major twist at the end. As audiences are asked to not reveal the plot it remains one of the West Ends best kept secrets!The Mousetrap London story is set in a country hotel recently opened by a young couple. During a wintery night the couple, along with four guests and one lone traveller, are snowed in. As the night draws in Detective Sergeant Trotter arrives to inform the group a murderer is on the loose and heading their way. It doesn’t take long before someone falls victim to the murderer and as everyone begins to point fingers at the likely suspect, it becomes clear that all is not what it seems and soon everyone is a suspect.Since its original opening at the Ambassadors Theatre in 1952, St Martin’s Theatre has been home to The Mousetrap London for the last 34 years which is well over half of this shows record breaking run. The Mousetrap also changes its cast annually, with no fewer than 382 actors and actresses appearing in the play, but has made theatrical history by having original cast member Deryck Guyler reading the news bulletin to this day. Be a part of this monumental West End Show and book your Mousetrap theatre break today! Performance times for The Mousetrap are as follows:Evenings: Mon– Sat at 7.30pmMatinee: Tue at 3pm and Sat at 4pm Nearest Underground Station: Leicester Square

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